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Frequently Asked Questions

    Who is eligible for participation in the Buckley PSA Pilot?

    TRICARE Prime beneficiaries in the Buckley Space Force Base, Colorado Prime Service Area who have a civilian primary doctor will automatically be considered Pilot participants. 


    Are any special enrollment actions required?

    There is no beneficiary enrollment action required. 


    How do beneficiaries know if I they are in the Buckley Prime Service Area?

    Beneficiaries living in the Buckley Space Force Base, Colorado area who are unsure if their location is within the Buckley Prime Service Area may contact HNFS’ customer service to confirm.


    Is there a special customer service number?

    No. Beneficiaries and providers will continue to call 1-844-866-WEST (1-844-866-9378) for customer service support. Those located in the Buckley PSA will automatically be routed to a representative dedicated to Pilot support. 


    Does the TRICARE benefit change for Pilot participants?

    No. We are piloting services to enhance the existing TRICARE benefit. There is no change to benefits, enrollment, or the referral, authorization or claims submission process. 


    What can beneficiaries expect as a Pilot participant?

    Beneficiaries can expect a concierge-type customer service experience that includes help with locating providers and scheduling appointments; continued access to HNFS’ network of in-person and virtual care providers; reminders about past-due care; chronic care education and support; and healthy lifestyle information.


    How can I learn about chronic care support services that HNFS offers?

    Our care and disease management programs are specifically designed for those who may need additional medical management assistance. Providers can nominate beneficiaries for case or disease management services.

    We offer a variety of programs and health education resources for beneficiaries with certain chronic diseases or who are looking for support in getting and staying healthy. We also offer various provider toolkits to help you support those patients. Get started by visiting our Wellness page


    What is a high value provider?

    According to RowdMap – our provider analytics partner – high value providers:

    • Demonstrate thoughtful use of diagnostic tests and procedures.
    • Begin with conservative care.
    • Perform more good value procedures.
    • If surgeons, perform appropriate surgery with fewer complications and readmissions.
    • Manage pain with lower-risk medications.
    • Partner with other high value providers.

    Additional high value provider distinctions may be added during the Pilot.