Check Credentialing Status

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This tool is to check credentialing status of a facility or an individual provider and not an entire group or clinic. Do not use this tool as confirmation of network status; rather, refer to your Provider Participation Agreement or contact your practice administrator.*

Per the terms of the Provider Participation Agreement, network providers cannot treat TRICARE patients prior to HNFS’ (or its delegate's) credentialing committee approval date.

Note: Behavior technicians (BTs) are certified and not credentialed. Do not use the online Check Credentialing Status tool for BTs, as the results may not be accurate. Behavior technicians can begin to see patients on their national or state certification date as long as the group has an executed network agreement by that date. We recommend checking XPressClaim prior to submitting claims. 

*Credentialing status is different than network status. Please refer to your Provider Participation Agreement for network status and effective date. (If your group has a delegated credentialing agreement, contact your group’s credentialing department for your contract execution date. Otherwise, contact HNFS should you have questions.