TRICARE West for Providers

Due to Hurricane Florence's impact on our claims and customer service call centers, you may experience longer than normal hold times when calling our customer service line. We offer many self-service tools to assist you with your TRICARE transactions. We ask you please use these self-service tools as much as possible during this time. 

Five Things to Know

  1. In response to Hurricane Lane, a primary care manager (PCM) referral waiver is in place from Aug. 22 through Sept. 21, 2018, for the state of Hawaii. During this time frame, TRICARE Prime beneficiaries in Hawaii will not be charged Point of Service if they seek care from a network or TRICARE-authorized provider for specialty care without a referral. 

  2. HNFS has completed PCM reassignemnts for beneficiaries whose previous UnitedHealthcare PCM recently joined the HNFS network. Log in to view PCM enrollee rosters using our secure PCM Enrollee Roster tool. 

  3. With TRICARE Prime, not all specialty care referred by a PCM requires HNFS approval. Check our Prior Authorization, Referral and Benefit Tool before submitting your request. 

  4. Learn to easily submit referral and authorization requests: We have live webinars, a video tutorial or printable user guides.  

  5. Check credentialing status online. If you asked to join our network, check credentialing status using the individual (Type 1) or facility/ancillary (Type 2) National Provider Identifier (NPI). Credentialing may take 60–90 days.