TRICARE West for Providers

Five Things to Know

  1. It's easy to verify eligibility for your TRICARE patients. Log in to use our Patient Eligibility & Deductible tool. 

  2. TRICARE's first Open Season for TRICARE Prime and Select enrollment ended Dec. 10. If your patients have questions about what to do if they missed the 2018 Open Season, please direct them to our Open Season page. 

  3. Questions about which Prime beneficiaries are enrolled to your practice? Log in to view PCM enrollee rosters using our secure PCM Enrollee Roster tool. 

  4. Learn to easily submit referral and authorization requests: We have live webinars, a video tutorial and printable user guides. Don't forget: Use our Prior Authorization, Referral and Benefit Tool to first verify requirements.  

  5. Check credentialing status online. If you asked to join our network, check credentialing status using the individual (Type 1) or facility/ancillary (Type 2) National Provider Identifier (NPI). Credentialing may take 60–90 days.