Claim Appeals

Only charges denied because the service is not covered by TRICARE or not medically necessary may be appealed. Your TRICARE Explanation of Benefits (EOB) or provider remittance will indicate if a denied charge is appealable. If the denial note does not indicate the charge can be appealed, you may request a claim review instead of an appeal.

Note: Only Point of Service (POS) charges for emergency care can be appealed. Visit our Disputing Point of Service Charges page to review other scenarios for disputing POS charges.

Who can appeal a denied claim?

  • The patient may appeal, except if services were provided by a network provider. (Network providers cannot bill patients for non-covered services or services denied as not medically necessary.)
  • The parent or legal guardian of a minor child may appeal, except if services were provided by a network provider. The child must be under age 18 at the time the appeal is submitted. A network provider can appeal services they performed.
  • A non-network provider can appeal services he or she performed if he or she accepted assignment on the claim.
  • Legally appointed representatives may appeal. Appeals submitted by anyone other than the above will not be accepted unless he or she has been appointed as a representative by power of attorney or by submitting an Appointment of Representative for an Appeal form.
  • An attorney may submit an appeal if acting on behalf of an appropriate appealing party.

How do you submit a claim appeal?

A claim appeal must be filed in writing within 90 days of the date on the EOB or provider remittance. You may use the online appeal submission form below or submit an appeal letter. There is no specific appeal form required. If you mail or fax your appeal, be sure to include the following: 

  • the patient’s name, address, phone number and sponsor’s Social Security number (required)
  • printed name of the person submitting the appeal and the relationship to the patient (required)
  • the reason you are disputing the denial (required)
  • a copy of the EOB or provider remittance (not required but recommended)
  • additional documents supporting the appeal (not required but recommended)

Complete our online appeal form – You will be able to print a preview of your appeal before it is submitted and a copy of the submitted appeal with a tracking number.




Fax claim appeals and supporting documentation to: 1-844-802-2527

Mail claim appeals and supporting documentation to: 

Health Net Federal Services, LLC
TRICARE Claim Appeals 
PO Box 8008
Virginia Beach, VA 23450-8008

What is the processing time for claim appeal?

A reply from Health Net Federal Services, LLC (HNFS) will usually be sent within 30 days of receiving the appeal. If the denial is upheld or partially upheld, and next level appeal rights are available, they will be given in the appeal determination letter. If the denial is overturned the claims will be reprocessed within 21 days of the appeal determination.