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Handbook, Manuals and Charts

TRICARE West Region Provider Handbook

The TRICARE West Region Provider Handbook is updated on an annual basis. Changes to TRICARE programs are continually made as public law, federal regulation and our managed care support contract are amended. Please continue to use www.tricare-west.comwww.tricare.mil and www.health.mil as resources.




Quick Reference Guides

Our quick reference guides provide you key information about TRICARE in a printable format. Topics include authorizations and referrals, claims, benefits, eligibility, mental health care, and active duty/National Guard and Reserve. 


 Quick Reference Guides

TRICARE Policy, Operations and Reimbursement Manuals

  • TRICARE Policy Manual: The TRICARE Policy Manual provides operating guidelines, instructions and in-depth detail about the TRICARE health care program components and parameters.

  • TRICARE Operations Manual: The TRICARE Operations Manual provides operational components of the program and the specific requirements of the managed care support contractors to manage and administer TRICARE health care services.

  • TRICARE Reimbursement Manual: The TRICARE Reimbursement Manual provides information on technical reimbursement, payment methodologies and rates for TRICARE health care benefits.