How to Submit an Authorization or Referral Request

Avoid extra work and first check if authorization is needed

  • Use our Prior Authorization, Referral and Benefit tool to check requirements. 
  • Certain ancillary services do not require separate approval and are considered to be included in an evaluate or evaluate and treat referral as part of an approved episode of care.
  • Certain limited benefits require a letter of attestation (LOA). Attach the LOA when using CareAffiliate® to submit your request. We will notify you and provide instructions if we require additional documentation to process your request.

Submit your request online

Training resources: If you'd like to learn more about submitting online requests, watch our CareAffiliate® video tutorial, use our step-by-step guides and/or consider attending one of our provider webinar presentations


CareAffiliate (requires login) Web Authorization/Referral Form (does not require login)

Key features of this option include:

  • provides immediate responses
  • can be used for outpatient and inpatient requests
  • use to check status of requests
  • save frequently used providers, request profiles and diagnosis lists
  • allows for attachments

After clicking the "Submit" button below, you will be directed to our secure portal. From there, click on "Submit Authorization Request" to access CareAffiliate.

Tip: Use our step-by-step CareAffiliate Guide as a resource.

Key features of this option include:

  • does not require website registration 
  • can be used for outpatient requests only
  • provides the option to print and save a PDF 


  • Use our step-by-step WARF Guide and the Request Type Guide.
  • Be sure to use the provider lookup feature when requesting a provider.
  • Do not select "multi-specialty" as a specialty. This will delay processing of your request.

Requesting changes to existing referrals/authorizations

Additional information

  • Give the beneficiary or servicing provider necessary medical records, such as laboratory results or X-rays. 
  • TRICARE Prime beneficiaries may be redirected to a network provider or military hospital/clinic. Learn more about access standards and Out of Network Requests.