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Changes to Schedule II Prescriptions Require New Prescription

Thursday, October 27, 2022

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) defines schedule II drugs as drugs that have a high potential for abuse when used (for example, hydrocodone and oxycodone), potentially leading to psychological or physiological dependence. Previously, pharmacists could talk to prescribing providers to make changes or corrections to schedule II prescriptions. Under current guidance from the DEA, pharmacists may not make changes to schedule II prescriptions after the prescription has been submitted by the prescribing provider. An incorrect prescription will be rejected, and the prescribing provider will need to submit a new, corrected prescription. This policy applies to civilian and military pharmacies.

Per DEA guidelines, pharmacies must reject schedule II prescriptions missing information required by Title 21, Chapter 2, Part 1306, §1306.05(a) of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Pharmacies also must reject schedule II prescriptions that include all CFR requirements but have errors or incorrect information (for example, a misspelled patient name or incorrect patient directions).

Code of Federal Regulations Requirements

Title 21, Chapter 2, Part 1306, §1306.05(a) of the CFR requires that a schedule II prescription: 

  • Have a dated signature that is the same as the date the prescription was submitted.
  • List the full, correctly spelled patient name and home address.
  • List the correctly spelled drug name.
  • List the correct medicine strength (for example: 250 mg).
  • List the correct dosage form (for example: capsule, tablet).
  • List the correct total amount prescribed (for example: 15).
  • List correct instructions for patient use (for example: take 1 tablet by mouth, three times a day).
  • List the prescribing provider’s:
    • Correctly spelled name,
    • Correct practice address and
    • Correct DEA registration number.

As a reminder, military hospitals and clinics in your area accept electronic prescriptions. For more information, visit health.mil/electronicprescribing. For more information on schedule II drugs, refer to Title 21, Chapter 2, Part 1306, §1306.05(a) of the CFR.