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Network Providers

Network Provider Information Form (PIF) for Individual Providers

The Network PIF for Individual Providers is a supplemental form that must be completed in addition to the CAQH credentialing application when joining HNFS’ TRICARE West Region network. The PIF captures information unique to TRICARE that is not addressed within the CAQH application. The PIF may NOT be used for demographic updates.

  • Are you in a provider group and need to add more than five (5) providers? STOP. Do not submit a PIF. Instead, we strongly encourage you to submit a TRICARE Provider Roster to expedite the process. (We will accept rosters for less than five providers as well.) 
  • Are you an ABA provider (individual or group)? STOP. Due to specific requirements for the Autism Care Demonstration, we can only accept a TRICARE Provider Roster when adding ABA providers.

Please allow HNFS up to 21 days after receipt of a completed PIF to load providers into our systems, and up to 90 days to complete the credentialing process. You can check credentialing status using our Check Credentialing Status tool.

Return your completed PIF via fax to HNFS at 1-844-224-0381.

Be sure to use the fax cover sheet included in the form as the first page of your fax. Applications that do not have this cover sheet as the first page of the fax will not be processed.

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Network TRICARE Provider Roster

Health Net Federal Services, LLC (HNFS) offers a Network TRICARE Provider Roster for network provider groups to use when adding new providers who need to be credentialed (or certified for behavior technicians), and to submit demographic updates. See tip below for opening/saving the Excel file.

How to submit:

Complete all required columns in the spreadsheet (refer to instructions provided).

  • Non-ABA providers: Submit to HNFS via email to PDMRoster@hnfs.com.
  • ABA providers only: Submit to HNFS via email to HNFS_ABARosters@hnfs.com.
  • Delegated providers: Visit our Delegated Provider page for details on how to submit rosters.

Processing timeframes:

  • Credentialing new non-ABA groups: Up to 90 days
  • Credentialing new ABA groups: Up to 60 days
  • Certifying new behavior technicians: Up to 10 days
  • All demographic updates: Up to 45 days

We issue credentialing determination letters to the credentialing point of contact for each practitioner. You can check credentialing status using our Check Credentialing Status tool.

In order to access the roster, click the link above and save the Excel file locally on your computer. After completing all of the fields, save the file again and submit a copy to the email address above. 

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