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Benefits A-Z

Weight Reduction Services/Programs

Weight reduction services/programs are not a covered benefit except for certain bariatric surgeries. See bariatric surgery for limitations.

Well Woman Exam

Health promotion and disease prevention exams for the purpose of a well woman exam are covered annually for female beneficiaries under age 65. If the provider determines a beneficiary requires additional well woman visits to obtain all necessary recommended preventive services that are age and developmentally appropriate, these may be provided without cost-sharing and are subject to reasonable medical management. There is no requirement for well woman exams to be rendered in connection with a covered cancer screening or immunization. See preventive services for additional health promotion and disease prevention examination information.

Well-Child Care (birth through five years)

Well-child care is a covered benefit and includes routine newborn care; comprehensive health promotion and disease prevention exams; vision and hearing screenings; height, weight and head circumference; routine immunizations; and developmental and behavioral appraisal. TRICARE covers well-child care in accordance with the American Academy of Pediatrics and Bright Futures guidelines through age five. 
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Wellness Programs

Wellness programs are not a covered benefit. These programs usually offer services above and beyond standard preventive care to improve and promote health and fitness. Examples of these types of programs include: health risk assessments, exercise/fitness programs, stress or parenting management, and yoga.

Some individual services offered within a wellness program might be a covered benefit, such as clinical preventive  examssmoking cessation counseling or diabetes self-management training. Visit our Health and Wellness Resource Center for diagnosis-specific information and tools available to promote healthy living.

Also see Nutrition and Diet Counseling and Nutritional Therapy.

Wigs and Hairpieces

A lifetime maximum of one wig or hairpiece is a covered benefit if hair loss is due to treatment of a malignant disease and the beneficiary has not previously received a wig or hairpiece from another government agency. Wigs with a purchase price of $150 or greater require a certificate of medical necessity, signed by an MD or DO. The certificate of medical necessity along with the purchase receipt must be submitted with the claim. Wigs and hairpieces for other conditions are not covered. Maintenance, supplies, replacement of the wig or hairpiece, hair transplants or any services or supplies for hair regrowth is not a covered benefit. Find the current TRICARE maximum allowable charge per wig at
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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Services related to removal of impacted wisdom teeth are not a covered benefit. See additional dental coverage limitations under adjunctive dental. Note dental benefits are available under the separate TRICARE dental programs.