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Diabetes Self-Management Training

Diabetes self-management training (DSMT) is a limited benefit. This outpatient program educates beneficiaries on the self-management of diabetes. Outpatient services in this program include:

  • Education for self-monitoring blood glucose, diet and exercise.
  • Insulin treatment plans for insulin-dependent beneficiaries.
  • A plan to motivate patients to use the skills for self-management.

Initial Training (first year)

DSMT must be ordered by a physician for beneficiaries with diabetes. Services are limited to 10 hours. Additional hours may be covered if the treating physician determines there is a change in medical condition, diagnosis or treatment that requires a change in DSMT.

Follow-Up Training (subsequent years)

Beneficiaries are eligible to receive two hours of follow-up training each calendar year. Training may include a change in DSMT due to a change in medical condition, diagnosis or treatment as determined by the treating physician.

The DSMT program must be accredited by the American Diabetes Association, or accredited and approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to provide DSMT services. (Only HCPCS codes G0108 and G0109 are covered.)

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