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Biofeedback may be covered if all of the following are met:

  • Given in connection with electrothermal, electromyograph or electrodermal biofeedback therapy
  • When there is documentation that the patient has undergone an appropriate medical evaluation
  • When the patient's present condition is not responding to or no longer responds to other forms of conventional treatment
  • Only provided in treatment of Raynaud’s Syndrome or as an adjunctive treatment for muscle re-education of specific muscle groups or for treating pathological muscle abnormalities of spasticity, or incapacitating muscle spasm or weakness

Payable benefits include an initial intake evaluation. Treatment following the initial intake evaluation is limited to a maximum of 20 inpatient and outpatient biofeedback treatments per calendar year.

Cost Information

Biofeedback is not a covered benefit for treatment of psychosomatic conditions and treatment of hypertension. Rental/purchase of biofeedback equipment is not a covered benefit. Neurofeedback is not a covered benefit.