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Autism Care Demonstration: Annual Provider Training


Effective Jan. 1, 2022, all autism corporate services providers (ACSPs) and applied behavior analysis (ABA) sole providers participating in the Autism Care Demonstration (ACD) are required to complete ACD training annually per the guidelines outlined in the TRICARE Operations Manual, Chapter 18, Section 4.

The training provides a comprehensive overview of the ACD – from eligibility and diagnosis to authorizations and medical documentation requirements, and claims, billing and audits. While only ACSPs and ABA sole providers are required to take this training, we encourage the module to be shared with all ABA providers and staff. 

Getting Assigned the Training/Login Information

In the first quarter of the year, Health Net Federal Services, LLC (HNFS) will assign ACSPs/ABA sole providers the training module in batches. Those assigned will receive a unique username and password to ensure you get credit for completion.

If you need to update your email address or delegate the training to someone else in your provider group, please email ACDNetwork@hnfs.com or contact our ACD customer service line at 1-844-866-WEST (follow the prompts). 

Important information about passwords:

  • If you've taken the annual ACD training before and already have a password, please use that password instead of the default one included in the training notification email you received. 
  • If this is your first time accessing the annual ACD training, use the default password in the training notification you received.
  • If you need to request a new password to access the training, please email ACDnetwork@hnfs.com or contact our ACD customer service line. 

Training Module

ACD Annual Provider Training

Access your assigned training from the email you received from HNFS, or click on the image or this direct link to get started: https://hnfs.talentlms.com

For unique log in details, please refer to your training assignment email (see "Important information about passwords" above).

Completion Guidelines

Providers assigned the training will have 90 days to complete the module and sign the attestation. You can stop and save your progress, if needed.

  • Providers who miss the 90-day deadline will be subject to a 10% penalty that will be applied to all claims with authorized adaptive behavior services (ABS) Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) codes beginning on day 91. 
  • This penalty will be remedied once the training is complete; however, the penalty will remain in place for the days that were out of compliance. We will send reminder emails to help you stay on track. 

Sharing the Training

While only ACSPs and sole ABA providers are required to take this training, we encourage the module to be shared with all ABA providers and staff. 

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