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last updated Sept. 11, 2020


Find Up-to-Date Information about COVID-19 for TRICARE Beneficiaries

Online Resources


Find a Telemedicine Provider

Now, more than ever, it’s important for beneficiaries to easily connect with providers who can see them via virtual appointments.

We are here to help. Use our online Network Provider Directory to help you in your provider search. Select “Telemedicine” to get started.

Check Your Symptoms

People with COVID-19 can experience a wide range of symptoms, ranging from mild to severe. Take an online assessment to easily check your symptoms. 

Getting Care During the Pandemic

With the COVID-19 pandemic we have seen huge changes in health care. Here at Health Net Federal Services, LLC (HNFS) we want you and your family to come through this time safely. Making decisions about getting care during the pandemic can be confusing – maybe even scary – but seeing a doctor regularly is a vital investment for your health.

Don’t delay care. Medical facilities have protection measures in place if you need care.

Know your preventive care options. If you are due for a screening, you may qualify for a telemedicine visit or at-home laboratory testing. We offer disease management programs to help you stay on track!

Stay on the immunization schedule. Get covered immunizations, including your annual flu vaccine, from network doctors and pharmacies at no cost to you.

Do your part to improve your health. Now may be the perfect time to eat better, exercise regularly or quit smoking. Check out one of our wellness programs to get started.

Make mental health care a priority. Emotional health is key to overall health. Don’t ignore it! Telemental health care is available, and many mental health services do not require a referral.

HNFS is your partner in this historic and challenging time. We will get through this, together.

Referral and Authorization Extensions

Health Net Federal Services, LLC (HNFS) automatically extended certain outpatient referrals and authorizations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although we did not issue new approval letters, you may still view and print updated authorization details from our Authorization Status tool. Follow these simple steps: 

  1. Click on “Authorization Status” in the Secure Tools box (log in required). 
  2. Search for the specific authorization. 
  3. If you click on the “View authorization letter” link and the service dates don’t match the new status details, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the “Print” button instead. This will allow you to print the new dates.  

Can I make changes to referrals or authorizations?
  You can request a different network specialist on existing authorizations. To do this, click on “Request New Provider” from the detailed page in the Authorization Status tool. For other changes, please work with your provider. 

Can I get my determination letter mailed to me?
 TRICARE requires beneficiaries to access referral and authorization notices online. There is no “opt out” option. Once logged in at www.tricare-west.com, be sure to update your preferences so you can receive email or text alerts when you have a new notice in your secure inbox. If you do not have access to a computer, you can call our customer service line to request letters be mailed to you on a per-instance basis. 


Convalescent Plasma Collection

The Defense Health Agency (DHA) is leading an effort to collect up to 10,000 COVID-19 convalescent plasma units by Sept. 30, 2020. These donations will support developing therapeutics for sick active duty service members. This will increase readiness of operational forces, and may support research efforts.

Learn more about convelescent plasma, who can donate and where donation collection centers are located: