TRICARE West for Beneficiaries


Weather Conditions Affecting Call Centers

Our customer service call centers located on the East Coast have been severely impacted by the winter weather conditions. At this time, we ask you please only contact our customer service line for extremely urgent needs. We offer many self-service tools on our website you can use to assist with your TRICARE transactions, as well as general information should you have questions about the recent changes to TRICARE. We appreciate your patience. 

Your access to care is our priority. You can continue to see your TRICARE providers, even if they are not yet showing in our network directory, without Point of Service charges. Additionally, we are honoring active authorizations and referrals that were issued by UnitedHealthcare Military & Veterans that extend into 2018. No action is required by you, and you do not need a separate approval letter from HNFS. We are only issuing new authorization letters for services approved on or after Jan. 1, 2018.

The answers to your questions might be found on our website. We offer public and secure tools (log in required) to help you with your TRICARE transactions, including cost pages that explain the new copayment structure. 

You can also use our Interactive Voice Response system for certain transactions, such as checking eligibility and making enrollment payments, rather than waiting on hold. Tip: If you have background noise when using the IVR, mute your phone and key in your responses.


Five things to know 

  1. HNFS will honor referrals and authorizations issued by UnitedHealthcare Military & Veterans (UnitedHealthcare) through their 2018 expiration dates. You do not need a new authorization. 

  2. Active UnitedHealthcare authorizations are loaded in our system for accurate claims processing and visible through our online authorization tools. If your referral expired in 2017, please contact your provider for a new referral.

  3. Beneficiary Web Enrollment (BWE) is now available for online enrollment transactions. If you filed enrollment applications or primary care manager (PCM) changes during the enrollment freeze by mail or phone, we are now processing those applications. It will take several weeks to process these requests. 

  4. If your PCM is not in the HNFS West Region Network Directory, you may continue to see your PCM until you receive a PCM change notice. If you don’t have an assigned PCM, you can see an authorized TRICARE provider. Point of Service charges will not apply. 

  5. Use the nomination form within the network directory if you'd like us to contact a doctor about joining our network. 

Visit www.tricare.mil/changes often for detailed information on the upcoming changes and to sign up for email alerts. 

Key points to remember

  1. If your primary care manager (PCM) is not in the directory you may continue to see your PCM until you receive a PCM change notice. Point of service charges will not apply. It will take several weeks to process PCM changes and send notifications.

  2. We are continuing to build our network. Many provider contracts are in process and will be added to our directory soon.

  3. HNFS will authorize services to a non-network provider if a network provider is not available. For TRICARE Prime plans, Point of Service charges will not apply.

  4. Talk to your provider about joining the network or click “Nominate a New Provider” at the top of the provider directory search screen.

  5. We are aware of duplicate entries in the directory and are working to correct the issue.