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Helping Keep Your Child’s Autism Care Demonstration Treatment on Track

Thursday, August 25, 2022

If you have a child receiving care under TRICARE’s Autism Care Demonstration (ACD) and have been assigned an Autism Services Navigator (ASN), take a moment to review these key points about comprehensive care plans (CCPs). The CCP you develop with your ASN helps make sure your child receives comprehensive care and services. 

Once Health Net Federal Services, LLC (HNFS) has assigned an ASN to a beneficiary, the beneficiary’s initial CCP must be submitted to HNFS within 90 days. Otherwise, HNFS must cancel any applied behavior analysis (ABA) authorizations that already may have been approved for initial assessments or treatment. This means your child might have potential gaps or delays in care. 

What is a CCP?

CCPs are written plans that help with:

  • Setting overall care goals.
  • Keeping track of due dates for requirements like referrals and outcome measures. 
  • Finding autism spectrum disorder (ASD)-related help and resources.
  • Keeping things on track when moving/being relocated.

Your assigned ASN will work with you to complete the initial CCP by the due date. Developing the document requires active engagement with your assigned ASN. You may need to connect multiple times through phone calls, emails and meetings. Your ASN will submit the completed CCP to HNFS.

Our provider already submitted a treatment plan. Isn’t that the same thing?

A CCP is not the same thing as a treatment plan. Your child’s ABA provider develops a treatment plan. CCPs and treatment plans work together to help make sure beneficiaries receive care and support specific to individual needs.

What if a CCP is not completed by the due date? 

Once HNFS assigns an ASN, the initial CCP is due within 90 days. 

  • If we do not receive the initial CCP within 90 days and there is an active authorization in place, we will terminate the authorization from the date the CCP became past due. This means any remaining visits with your ABA provider will not be covered until we can reissue an authorization. 
  • If we have not received the completed CCP by the due date and your child does not have an active authorization in place, we won’t be able to approve/start services until the ASN submits the completed CCP.

What information is covered in a CCP?

The information in CCPs must cover the following topics. 

  • Beneficiary information
  • Beneficiary health and wellness
  • Beneficiary’s participation in school or an early intervention program
  • Parent and family engagement
  • Beneficiary/family-centered goals, action steps and intervention (one goal for initial CCP)
  • Current care team providers
  • Parent and family education
  • Permanent change of station monitoring (if applicable)
  • ABA transition and discharge planning
  • Outcome measure cycle dates (if applicable)
  • Outcome measure data (if applicable)

Are CCPs ever updated?

Your ASN will work with you on CCP updates. Updates must be made every six months after the initial CCP. Note: If a CCP update is overdue, a reauthorization will not be allowed until HNFS receives the updated CCP.

Visit www.tricare.mil/autism and our Autism Services Navigators/Comprehensive Care Plans page for more information on CCPs and the ACD.