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Authorizations Extended in Response to COVID-19

Friday, May 29, 2020

With provider offices across the country rescheduling appointments due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we know some health care authorizations issued by Health Net Federal Services, LLC (HNFS) will expire before patients can be seen by their doctors. We are automatically extending certain referrals and authorizations to make sure you can get the care you need as provider offices re-open.

You do not need to do anything. We are updating the end dates on affected authorizations. You and your providers can view revised approval details for your current authorizations in our Authorization Status tool beginning early June (log in required).  

Which referrals and authorizations will be extended?
HNFS will extend already-approved outpatient physical health referrals and authorizations that expire between March 1, 2020 and June 30, 2020. Due to benefit limitations there will be exceptions, so please check with your doctor when scheduling appointments.

How much longer will I have to get care?
We are extending referrals and authorizations 180 days from the original expiration date.

Does this also apply to those on active duty?
Yes. Extensions apply to active duty and non-active duty beneficiaries.

What if my TRICARE eligibility changes during the 180-day extension?
TRICARE eligibility guidelines still apply, regardless of a new end date on your authorization. Keep in mind, certain TRICARE benefits are only available to some beneficiaries (such as dependents of active duty sponsors). So if your sponsor’s status has changed or you are no longer eligible for your TRICARE plan (for example, TRICARE Young Adult), your claims may deny. You can check your TRICARE eligibility online 24/7 on our website and www.dmdc.osd.mil/milconnect.

Will I receive an updated approval letter?
We are not issuing new approval notices. You and your providers can use the Authorization Status tool to view your updated authorizations.