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Reporting Errors in the Network Provider Directory

The directory is updated every week; however, there may be information about a provider that has not yet been updated.

Are you a beneficiary?
If you are aware of a potential directory error, please encourage the provider to update his or her listing with us. Note: If you would like to change your PCM, visit our Changing Your Primary Care Manager page.

Are you a network provider or affiliated with a network provider?
Update your address, phone number or fax number through our Update Network Provider Demographics Tool or by submitting an updated provider roster. See our FAQs for information on all demographic updates.

Do work at a military hospital or clinic?
Military hospital or clinic personnel can use our "Suggest Changes?" feature within the Network Provider Directory to recommend directory updates. All updates suggested will be vetted through our strict verification process to ensure the integrity of our provider directory data. To use this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Click the link of the particular provider. (The link is the name of the provider.)
  2. On the provider detail page, click on "Suggest Changes to This Provider."
  3. Follow the directions given. There will be an option to suggest an update to the provider's information or notify HNFS of a provider missing from the directory.

Please allow 14 days for Health Net Federal Services, LLC to complete the update.