Request Access To Government Portal

The TRICARE-West.com government portal requires that you have a website account with specific access rights to the tools you would like to use. The available tools are listed below along with the access request form for each. Fax numbers are included in each form. Examples of visitors who may wish to have access to the government portal include MTF staff, DHA staff, TRICARE West Regional Office staff, BCAC DCAO, JAG, TRICARE advocate or HBA.

Information Warehouse (Request Access)

  • Reference Materials, Standard Reports, Web Content
  • Claims (includes Mart)
  • Enrollment, Patient, BIS, (includes Mart)
  • Provider
  • Call Center
  • Medical Management
  • Government Data (direct care, eligibility, TED, pharmacy, lab

Customer Service (Request Access)

  • Omni (TRO Customer Service and BCAC/DCAOs)
  • Patient Eligibility
  • Patient Claim Status
  • Patient TRICARE Explanation of Benefits (TEOB)
  • Patient Other Health Insurance (OHI)
  • Patient Authorization & Referral Status
  • Call Monitoring (TRO Customer Service)
  • Active Duty Workload Tool

Medical Management (Request Access)

  • MTF Capability
  • Medical Management System - Authorization & Referrals
  • Medical Management System - Right of First Refusal (ROFR)
  • Case and Disease Management
  • Medical Management Dashboard
  • MTF Provider Connect - Patient View
  • Medical Management System
  • MTF Referral and Authorization Activity Report
  • MTF Inpatient Admission Notification Report
  • Purchased Care MTF Prime Enrolled Inpatient Report
  • Clearly Legible Report (CLR) Tracking Report
  • Adjudicated Referral/Claim Report (M410)