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Wyoming Statute Update Regarding Issuing and Dispensing Prescriptions for Controlled Substances in 2021

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Health Net Federal Services, LLC (HNFS) and the Defense Health Agency (DHA) are aware that, according to Wyoming Statute 35-7-1030, prescriptions for controlled substances must be processed in an electronic format for in-state pharmacies. However, this law does not apply to prescriptions filled at pharmacies within federal jurisdiction, or to prescriptions filled outside of Wyoming. As a reminder, military hospital and clinic pharmacies do not accept electronic prescriptions for controlled substances. Additionally, beneficiaries may cross state borders to see their provider and therefore not necessarily fill their prescription at a pharmacy within the state of Wyoming. Therefore, this statute does not apply to federal (military) facilities or change the way prescriptions for controlled substances are issued for TRICARE beneficiaries. 

Controlled Substance Prescription Requirements – what do they mean for you?

Please continue to hand write or fax prescriptions for controlled substances for beneficiaries who will be filling their prescriptions at military pharmacies or at an out-of-state pharmacy. Please indicate on the prescription “Not to be dispensed in Wyoming” and/or “the prescription shall be dispensed at a pharmacy within a federal jurisdiction,” as applicable.

More on Wyoming Controlled Substance Act Rules & Exceptions

For your reference, the exceptions to electronic prescribing of controlled substances to federal pharmacies and outside of the state of Wyoming are as follows: 

“A controlled substance prescription may be issued on security paper or faxed to a pharmacy when:

(iii) The prescription is to be filled at a pharmacy outside of Wyoming. The practitioner shall write on the face of the prescription “Not to be dispensed in Wyoming;” and 

(v) The prescription is issued by a practitioner working at a federal facility.”

To review the requirements for electronic prescribing systems and exemptions to the electronic prescribing requirement in full, please visit: Wyoming Controlled Substances Act Rules Chapter 10. To review TRICARE’s pharmacy benefit, visit www.express-scripts.com/TRICARE. We also offer information on our Benefits A–Z.