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Health Risk Assessment

Health Net Federal Services, LLC (HNFS) encourages healthy behavior changes through the use of a personal health risk assessment (HRA). HRA's can evaluate a participant’s health-related behaviors and health history. Best of all, it’s available for free to TRICARE beneficiaries.

The HRA takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete, and within seconds, participants will receive a multi-paged, personalized action plan prioritizing their top health risks.

Individuals who take the HRA are encouraged to print out their action plan and share it with their doctor. This is a great way to initiate discussions about the importance of getting appropriate health screenings and regular lab work, the maintenance of a chronic condition, or it may provide a chance to reach a patient during a teachable moment. A health recommendation on paper combined with your advice may be just what your patient needs for motivation to improve their health.

Encourage your TRICARE patients to complete an HRA today. Provide this link to them for easy access: www.tricare-west.com/go/hra.