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Disease Management Provider Rights and Responsibilities

Health Net Federal Services (HNFS) values the provider-patient relationship and strives to respect the rights of physicians and other providers at all times. Physicians and other providers have a right to:

  • Be treated courteously and respectfully by HNFS Disease Management Program staff at all times
  • Request information about the HNFS Disease Management Program, its services, staff and contractual relationships
  • Contact the program and receive information from the HNFS Disease Management specialist who is providing education to his or her patient(s)
  • Upon request, be provided with copies of evidence-based clinical practice guidelines, clinical decision support tools used by the program and/or the Disease Management Program description
  • Consult with a HNFS medical director at any point in his/her patient’s participation in the program
  • File a complaint about any aspect of the Disease Management Program

Physicians and other practitioners have a responsibility to:

  • Incorporate evidence-based clinical practice guidelines into a beneficiary's plan of care
  • Communicate concerns he or she has about the Disease Management Program
  • Inform the Disease Management Program if he or she does not want to receive letters and faxes regarding the beneficiary's plan of care