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Non-Network Providers

(Non-Network) What qualifications do I need to become a TRICARE non-network provider?

To become a TRICARE non-network provider, you must meet TRICARE regulations and licensing requirements according to your area of health care and the state in which you practice. Visit our Becoming a Non-Network Provider page to learn more and complete an application.


(Non-Network) How often do non-network providers need to get certified?

Certification is a one time process. There is no on-going certification process once you become a TRICARE non-network provider.


(Non-Network) Do non-network providers have to sign an agreement with TRICARE?

Most TRICARE non-network providers are not required to sign an agreement. Visit our Becoming a Non-Network Provider to learn more. 


(Non-Network) I'm a mental health care provider. Can I become a TRICARE non-network provider?

Yes. Mental health care providers must meet specific qualifications to be considered TRICARE authorized.

For more information, visit our Mental Health Counselor Provider Requirements and Becoming a Non-Network Provider pages.


(Non-Network) Do I need to be a Medicare participating provider to become a TRICARE non-network provider?

Medicare participation is not required to be a TRICARE non-network provider.

For Medicare questions, call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227). Visit our Becoming a Non-Network Provider to learn more. 


(Non-Network) How do I update the following demographics: address, phone number fax number, or specialty?

Non-network providers can update demographics by submitting a Non-Network Provider Information Form.  

For specialty updates, complete and submit the Non-Network Specialty Information Update Request Form.

  • Note: Mental health providers must submit a new non-network certification form to make specialty changes.

For network provider demographic updates, visit our network provider FAQ.