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(Network) What is a delegated group?

HNFS recognizes that many provider groups have their own credentialing department to verify individual provider requirements such as licensure, education, professional liability insurance, adverse sanctions, etc. If you are a provider group with its own credentialing department, consider expediting the TRICARE West Region network credentialing process by allowing HNFS to delegate credentialing to you. This will allow HNFS to use the credentialing data you have already collected, which can be submitted to HNFS in an electronic format. 

By delegating the majority of the credentialing process to the provider group, rather than HNFS, the credentialing process is streamlined. Groups are able to submit practitioners on a TRICARE Provider Group Roster (rather than individual Provider Information Forms), which allows for a quicker turnaround time to get practitioners through the network approval process and loaded into HNFS’ systems.

See also our Delegated Credentialing fact sheet.