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(Network) How do I check my credentialing status?

HNFS will notify you once credentialing is completed. You can also check your credentialing status or last credentialing effective date using our Check Credentialing Status tool

Once HNFS receives your completed provider agreement package, it can take 60 to 90 calendar days to credential a provider based upon the accuracy of the information provided. If you are currently undergoing initial credentialing or re-credentialing, please make sure your CAQH profile is current and you have authorized HNFS to access your profile. Credentialing and re-credentialing are valid for three years.

Note: Credentialing status is different than network status. Please refer to your Provider Participation Agreement for network status and effective date. (If your group has a delegated credentialing agreement, contact your group’s credentialing department for your contract execution date. Otherwise, contact HNFS should you have questions.