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Applied Behavior Analysis

(ABA) How can I learn more about the Autism Care Demonstration?

Please visit our Autism Care Demonstration page. You can also visit www.health.mil/autism

(ABA) How do I become a provider for the Autism Care Demonstration?

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) groups and sole ABA providers interested in becoming network providers: 

  1. Email a completed Network Participation Request Form to ACDNetwork@hnfs.com to begin the process. Note: Please allow us 10 business days to process the form. Once we’ve processed your form, we will contact you to let you know your eligibility status and next steps.
  2. Submit a completed Network TRICARE Provider Roster once you have received confirmation of eligibility. Visit our Submitting Applied Behavior Analysis Provider Rosters page for more information.

Individual ABA providers joining a group already contracted with HNFS: Submit a completed Network TRICARE Provider Roster.

ABA groups and sole ABA providers who want to become non-network providers: Complete the ABA Provider Certification Applications available on our Non-Network Certification Applications page. 


(ABA) How do I update the following demographics: address, phone number or fax number?

You can update your address, phone number or fax number by submitting a completed TRICARE Provider Roster.  


(ABA) How does a credentialed provider or certified behavior technician get established at multiple locations? 

You must submit a completed TRICARE Provider Roster


(ABA) Once a complete application is received, how long does it take to get a provider certified or credentialed and loaded into the system?

It can take Health Net Federal Services up to 60 days to credential a network applied behavior analysis (ABA) provider (Board Certified Behavior Analyst® [BCBA®], BCBA-Doctoral® [BCBA-D®], Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst® [BCaBA®], Qualified Autism Service Practitioner-Supervisor [QASP-S®], licensed behavior analyst [LBA], or licensed assistant behavior analyst [LABA]) based on the accuracy of the information provided. 

Behavior technicians (BT) are certified instead of credentialed. It can take up to 10 days to certify new BTs.

It can take up to 30 days to process a non-network provider application. 


(ABA) I'm a new behavior technician. How do I determine my effective date?

Behavior technicians who have an active national or state certification may begin seeing patients as of their certification date submitted on the group roster as long as the group has an executed network agreement by that date. 

We recommend providers check XPressClaim before submitting claims.


(ABA) How do I change my specialty? 

For applied behavior analysis (ABA) provider speciality changes (for example, Registered Behavior Technicians® [RBT®] to Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst® [BCaBA®] or BCaBA to Board Certified Behavior Analyst® [BCBA®]), you must submit a completed TRICARE Provider Roster


(ABA) Are ABA providers required to have a Medicare number for contracting or certification?

No. Board Certified Behavior Analysts® (BCBA®), Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts® (BCaBA®), BCBA-Doctorals® (BCBA-D®), and licensed behavior analysts (LBA) do not require a Medicare number. 


(ABA) Behavior technicians are certified, not credentialed. How do they check network status?

Behavior technicians (BT) are subject to a certification process in order to participate as a provider in the Autism Care Demonstration. Learn more on our ABA Provider Types page. 

Individual BTs will not display in the TRICARE West Region Network Provider Directory and are not available to check their status online.