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COVID-19 Information for TRICARE Providers

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last updated May 11, 2023


TRICARE Benefits



Test to Treat Initiative

Get tested and treated in one place.

Testing/At-Home Tests

TRICARE continues to cover medically necessary COVID-19 tests ordered by a TRICARE-authorized provider and performed at a TRICARE-authorized lab or facility. Test types include diagnostic, tests for management of COVID-19, and serology/antibody tests.  

FDA-approved at-home antigen rapid diagnostic test kits may be covered with a physician's order. 


TRICARE covers age-appropriate vaccines in accordance with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines. Pre-authorization is not required. Visit our Benefits A–Z section for benefit details and updates. 


Changes to Your Practice? Let Us Know!

Network providers are required to promptly notify us of any demographic updates (changes, additions, deletions) as they occur. This helps ensure beneficiaries seeking health care services and providers seeking to refer care are viewing the most current and accurate provider information.

We recognize your locations, contact information, telehealth capabilities, and/or accepting new patients status may have changed due to COVID-19 impacts. Please visit our online Network Provider Directory to confirm your individual listing is accurate. 

Most demographic updates can be made online. Learn more.