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Follow-Up Care after an Inpatient Hospitalization for Mental Health Disorder

According to National Institute of Mental Health studies, in the United States, one in four adults will develop a mental health disorder at some point in his or her life.

Appropriate follow-up care after discharge from a psychiatric hospitalization is vital. It can help reduce the risk of repeat hospitalization and identify patients in need of additional interventions before they reach a crisis point. The following mental health aftercare options offer a greater chance for a successful recovery:

  • Structured mental health outpatient program (day or evening)
  • Outpatient medication visit with a psychiatrist 
  • Outpatient psychotherapy (individual, family or group)

Primary care managers and specialists can help improve continuity of care for TRICARE West Region beneficiaries after discharge from a psychiatric hospitalization:

  • Encourage beneficiaries who call after being discharged from a psychiatric inpatient hospitalization to see a mental health practitioner within one to two weeks of leaving the hospital. 
  • Encourage beneficiaries to follow medication and clinical treatment plans.
  • Express interest in beneficiaries' behavioral health treatment plans. Ask beneficiaries to have their mental health practitioner share clinical information with you.
  • Remind beneficiaries to visit our website to locate psychiatrists, psychologists or other mental health practitioners.

Your support during and after a psychiatric hospitalization has a powerful impact on the overall wellness of our beneficiaries.


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