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Telemedicine Billing Tips

See our Telemedicine Services page for benefit information and approval requirements. 

Synchronous Telemedicine Services

Synchronous telemedicine services involve an interactive, electronic information exchange in at least two directions in the same time period. 

Providers must bill using CPT® or HCPCS codes with a GT or 95 modifier for distant site and Q3014 for an applicable originating site to distinguish telemedicine services. Payment for Q3014 will not be made when a patient's home is the originating site. The distant site and originating site cannot be billed by the same provider.

For professional claims, use place of service “02” with the GT or 95 modifier.

Note: By billing the GT or 95 modifier with a covered telemedicine procedure code, the distant site provider certifies the beneficiary was present at an eligible originating site when the telemedicine service was furnished.)


Asynchronous Telemedicine Services

Asynchronous telemedicine services involve storing, forwarding and transmitting medical information on telemedicine encounters in one direction at a time. 

Providers must bill using CPT or HCPCS codes with a GQ modifier. For professional claims, use place of service "02" with the GQ modifier. 

Note: When submitting claims for telemedicine services, the originating site provider may indicate "Signature not required – distance telemedicine site" in the required Patient Signature field.