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Benefits A-Z

Family Therapy

Family therapy is considered outpatient psychotherapy and is covered when determined to be medically or psychologically necessary for the treatment of a diagnosed mental health disorder. More >>

Flu Vaccine

Flu vaccines are a covered benefit. More >>

Food, Food Substitutes, Supplements or Vitamins

Not a covered benefit outside a hospital setting, except when used as the primary source of nutrition for enteral, parenteral or oral nutritional therapy. Intraperitoneal nutrition (IPN) therapy is covered for malnutrition as a result of end stage renal disease. A list of products that may be covered for nutritional therapy is available at Nutritional therapy products are not covered solely to boost protein or caloric intake. See nutritional therapy for additional information.

Foot Care

Routine foot care is covered only in very limited circumstances, such as when the patient has a diagnosed systemic medical disease affecting the lower limbs.

The following services are not covered:

  • Shoe inserts, orthopedic shoes except when attached to a brace, arch supports and other supportive devices for the feet.
  • Removal of corns or calluses.
  • Nerve blocks for increasing blood supply to the feet and toes.

See orthotics for additional benefit information.

Providers requesting nail trimming can refer to the Letter of Attestation page for additional authorization information.
Cost Information

Forensic Exams Following Sexual Assault or Domestic Violence

Forensic examinations conducted following a sexual assault or domestic violence are a covered benefit. More >>