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Hospitalization for Medical and Surgical Care

Inpatient hospitalization is a covered benefit and includes:

  • semiprivate room 
  • special care units (when medically necessary)
  • general nursing 
  • hospital service 
  • inpatient physician and surgical services, 
  • meals (including special diets), 
  • drugs and medications while an inpatient, 
  • operating and recovery room, 
  • anesthesia, 
  • laboratory tests, 
  • X-rays and other radiology services, 
  • necessary medical supplies and appliances, and
  • blood and blood products.  

Inpatient stays primarily for rest or rest cures are not a covered benefit. 

Approval Requirements

Use our Prior Authorization, Referral and Benefit Tool to determine if an approval is required. HNFS conducts continued stay reviews for most inpatient stays. Clinical records will be requested as necessary. 

Emergency admission notification, discharge dates and clinical information can be submitted online or faxed to 1-844-818-9289. Contact us at 1-844-524-3578 for assistance with discharge planning. 

Cost Information