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Forensic Exams Following Sexual Assault or Domestic Violence

Forensic examinations conducted following a sexual assault or domestic violence are a covered benefit. These exams provide medical care to the individual disclosing the sexual assault or domestic violence and to collect and preserve forensic evidence for use by the justice system. An evidence collection kit (also known as a Sexual Assault Forensic Examination [SAFE] kit or evidence recovery kit) is used during the examination to collect and preserve the forensic evidence.

Exams and evidence collection kits rendered in a military hospital or clinic or by TRICARE-authorized providers are reimbursable under TRICARE. Claims must contain one or more diagnosis codes that indicate the purpose of the visit or inpatient admission is directly related to an examination for or treatment resulting from sexual assault or domestic violence. Visit our Claims Submission page for instructions on how to submit claims.

Note: Explanations of benefits (EOBs) will not be issued to beneficiaries for claims that involve services related to sexual assault or domestic violence.

The type of location where the services are provided will determine cost information: outpatient office settingurgent care center, emergency room or inpatient hospital setting.