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Cancer Clinical Trials

Cancer clinical trials may be cost-shared for beneficiaries participating in the National Cancer Institute (NCI) sponsored Phase I, Phase II and Phase III studies for the prevention, screening, early detection and treatment of cancer.

Prior authorization is required before the initial evaluation. Requests should be faxed to the TRICARE West Clinical Trials Coordinator at 1-844-730-1365. Cancer clinical trial requests should not be submitted online. You can also contact the coordinator at 1-855-722-5837 to discuss the requirements. The institutional and individual providers must be TRICARE-authorized and treatments are NCI-sponsored Phase I, Phase II and Phase III protocols.

What's Covered?

  • Phase I, Phase II and Phase III clinical trials sponsored by NCI
  • All medical care and testing required to determine eligibility for an NCI-sponsored trial, including the evaluation for eligibility 
  • All medical care required as a result of participation in a clinical trial 
  • Purchase and administration of all approved chemotherapy agents (except for NCI funded investigational drugs) 
  • All inpatient and outpatient care 
  • Diagnostic and laboratory services

Non-Covered Services

  • Clinical trials not sponsored by NCI 
  • Care rendered within the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center 
  • Costs associated with non-treatment research activities related to clinical trials