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Applied Behavior Analysis Provider Types and Requirements

Education and certification requirements to become a provider for the Comprehensive Autism Care Demonstration (Autism Care Demonstration) are outlined in the TRICARE Operations Manual, Chapter 18. 

Visit our Become a TRICARE Provider or ABA provider frequently asked questions page to learn more about becoming a TRICARE network or non-network provider, adding providers to your group and the credentialing process. 

Provider Types

Under the Comprehensive Autism Care Demonstration, TRICARE beneficiaries receive applied behavior analysis (ABA) services provided solely by authorized ABA supervisors defined as TRICARE-authorized Board Certified Behavior Analysts® (BCBAs), BCBA-doctoral (BCBA-Ds), licensed behavior analyst (LBA) or other qualified TRICARE-authorized independent providers with a scope of practice for independent practice of ABA.

Under the tiered-delivery model, the authorized ABA supervisor receives support from:

  • Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts® (BCaBAs),
  • Qualified Autism Services Practitioners (QASPs),
  • licensed assistant behavior analyst (LABA) and/or
  • paraprofessional behavior technicians, including Registered Behavior Technicians™ (RBTs), ABA Technicians (ABATs) and Board Certified Autism Technicians (BCATs).

Assistant behavior analysts, defined as BCaBAs and QASPs, and behavior technicians work one-on-one with the beneficiary to implement the ABA treatment plan designed, monitored and supervised by the authorized ABA supervisor.

An assistant behavior analyst and/or behavior technician working within the scope of his or her training may assist the authorized ABA supervisor in various roles and responsibilities as determined appropriate by the authorized ABA supervisor with a scope of practice for independent practice of ABA. Assistant behavior analysts and behavior technicians must work under the supervision of an authorized ABA supervisor.

Note: Supervisors providing ABA services in a state that has a behavior analyst state license or certification must be licensed or certified in that state. Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts® (BCaBAs) providing ABA services in a state that offers an assistant behavior analyst license or certification must be licensed or certified in that state.

Provider Requirements

Provider Type Certification Requirement
All ABA Providers Basic Life Support (BLS) or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Certification

All ABA providers must complete BLS or CPR-equivalent certification as demonstrated by completion of a hybrid course of a web-based instruction component and live component to demonstrate skills on a dummy.

ABA providers who previously completed BLS or CPR certification online or did not practice on a dummy must meet this requirement upon expiration of the existing BLS or CPR certification.

Non-network providers should send documentation showing completion of BLS or CPR certification. (See "Proof of Certification ..." section below.)

Behavior Technicians
(must be under the supervision of an authorized ABA supervisor)
Behavior Technician Certification

Behavior technicians must be certified by one of the following in order to provide services as a TRICARE-authorized provider:

Non-network providers should send proof of certification such as the certificate number or registration number from one of the agencies identified above. (See "Proof of Certification ..." section below.)

Proof of Certification Requirements for Non-Network Providers

Upon completion of BLS, CPR or BT cerrtification, non-network providers must submit proof of completion.  

Fax or mail a completed CACD Requirement Form – Non-Network Providers to PGBA, LLC:

  • Fax: 1-844-730-1373
  • Mail: TRICARE West – Provider Data Management
    PO Box 202106
    Florence, SC 29502-2106


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