Become an Applied Behavior Analysis Provider

Education and certification requirements to become a provider for the Comprehensive Autism Care Demonstration (Autism Care Demonstration) are outlined in the TRICARE Operations Manual, Chapter 18. 

Visit our Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) page to learn more about TRICARE’s ABA benefit.

Instructions for Participation in the Autism Care Demonstration

Please note: Supervisors providing ABA services in a state that has a behavior analyst state license or certification must be licensed or certified in that state. Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts® (BCaBAs) providing ABA services in a state that offers an assistant behavior analyst license or certification must be licensed or certified in that state.

Network Providers

If you are already a network provider and need to credential new authorized ABA supervisors or assistant behavior analysts, add behavior technicians or change a provider's certification status (for example, BCaBA to BCBA):

  1. Submit the ABA Roster template to Managed Health Network, Inc. (MHN),* a subsidiary of Health Net Federal Services, LLC (HNFS) via email to roster.updates@healthnet.com.
  2. If your group includes assistant behavior analysts or behavior technicians, at least one authorized ABA supervisor in the group must have completed the BACB supervisor training.
  3. Upon receipt of the roster, MHN will send the necessary paperwork for any providers who require credentialing. MHN will begin the credentialing process when all information has been received for a complete application. Behavior technicians who are included on your roster will become effective the date you submit the roster; however, it may take 15–30 days for them to be present in all systems for billing. All behavior technicians must be certified as an RBT, ABAT or BCAT.
  4. For providers on the roster who have upgraded their credential level (for example, RBT to assistant behavior analyst; or assistant behavior analyst to BCaBA), please indicate these changes on the roster you submit.
  5. For providers with multiple credentials or multiple locations, please specify on the roster which you are updating.
  6. If you have questions about exisiting network providers, contact us at tricare.west.inquiries@healthnet.com.

If you are not a network provider and wish to become one:

To join our network as an ABA provider, visit www.mhn.com > Provider Site > Click here to visit MHN's Provider Portal > TRICARE West.

  • To submit a provider roster, complete the ABA Roster template and email it to MHN at roster.updates@healthnet.com.  

Check provider credentialing status (including new behavior technician certification documentation)

To check the status of provider credentialing, use MHN's Credentialing Status Look-up Tool. Go to www.providers.mhn.com and click on Credentialing Status on the blue navigation toolbar. (Network providers must log in by clicking on the My Profile menu.) If you have questions about credentialing status, please send an email to MHN.Credentialing.Inquiry@healthnet.com. Credentialing may take 60–90 days.

Non-Network Providers

You are not required to join the TRICARE network in order to participate in the Autism Care Demonstration. However, TRICARE-authorized providers are required to complete the Comprehensive Autism Care Demonstration Corporate Services Provider (ACSP) Participation Agreement.

If you are a non-network provider who does not want join the network but wants to participate in the Autism Care Demonstration:

If you are a non-network provider who has new authorized ABA supervisors, assistant behavior analysts and/or behavior technicians who need to become TRICARE-authorized:

Non-network providers with questions on their application status should contact 1-844-866-WEST (9378) for assistance.


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