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Submitting ABA Provider Rosters to HNFS

Please note HNFS' roster submission process for applied behavior analysis providers. 

Network Provider Roster Template

HNFS offers a TRICARE Provider Roster template for network provider groups to use when adding new providers who need to be credentialed or certified, and to submit demographic updates. 

  • Review all tabs on the roster template. There are multiple tabs, including a "How to Complete" and "How to Submit" tabs with insructions to help ensure a successful roster submission.

  • Please use our dedicated email for ABA rosters! Submit all ABA roster submissions to: HNFS_ABARosters@hnfs.com

  • Attach the required basic life support and background check documentation to the roster for all new ABA providers added. 
  • Be sure to complete all required columns in the TRICARE Provider Roster template and follow the specific field instructions. We are unable to process incomplete rosters.

Basic Life Support (BLS) and Criminal History Background Check Documentation (CHBC)

As of July 1, 2021, HNFS must collect copies of BLS/CPR and CHBC certifications for all ABA providers. TRICARE requires CHBCs include current federal, state and county criminal and sex offender reports for all locations worked or resided in over the past 10 years. 

Behavior technicians:

  • Submit copies of BLS/CPR and CHBC certifications with the roster for all new behavior technicians (BTs). No other documentation for BTs needs to be submitted. In order for us to meet the 10-day BT certification requirement, we will be unable to accept or process rosters submitted without this required documentation.

  • HNFS will collect copies of CPR/BLS and CHBC certification for existing BTs who do not have copies on file during the recertification process.

ABA supervisors and assistant behavior analysts

  • Submit copies of BLS/CPR and CHBC certifications with the roster for all new ABA supervisors and assistant behavior analysts.

  • HNFS will request copies of BLS/CPR and CHBC certifications for existing ABA supervisors and assistant behavior analysts during the re-credentialing for those who do not have copies on file. 

Processing time frames

Credentialing: Up to 60 days for new ABA providers. We will issue approval letters to the credentialing point of contact. You can check credentialing status using our Check Credentialing Status tool.

Certification: Up to 10 days for behavior technician certification. We will issue approval letters to the credentialing point of contact. Do not use the Check Credentialing Status tool for BTs as the information displayed may not be accurate.

Demographic updates: Up to 45 days for demographic updates.


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