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Welcome to Basics for Reaching a Healthy Weight

Basics for Reaching a Healthy Weight contains information and strategies to get you started with losing and maintaining a healthy weight. By taking this self-paced program you will learn the basics of weight control, healthy eating and exercise. This program will show you how to:

  • determine your healthy weight range
  • calculate your daily calorie needs
  • lose weight the healthy way
  • use food and exercise to help you meet your goals


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Medical Disclaimer

Basics for Reaching a Healthy Weight is designed for generally healthy people striving to reach or maintain a healthy weight. It is not a substitute for medical care and may not provide appropriate nutritional and exercise guidelines for people with diabetes, cancer, heart disease, other chronic conditions, or individuals who are obese. Always check with your doctor before starting any type of weight loss or exercise program.

Source and Copyright Information

This program was adapted from MHN's "Tips for Healthy Weight Management" e-learning program. The program and corresponding materials may not be resold, reproduced or altered in any manner without expressed written consent from the authors. Handouts may be downloaded and used for educational purposes only.