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Assessing Your Readiness for Healthy Change

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This self-guided presentation provides the opportunity to move through the information at your own pace. You can pause this presentation at any time to review the action steps and related resource listed below, or you can review them all at one time at the end of the presentation. Please note, the presentation may take a few minutes to upload to your computer.  

The action steps below are designed to accompany the content of the presentation. Completing the activities will support your success, while you continue on your path to making healthy changes. Whether you complete all action steps or only a few, please provide your feedback by completing the program evaluation in Step 9 below. You can print your personalized Certificate of Completion at the end of the evaluation.

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Action Steps and Program Resources

Step Action
1 Write down a healthy lifestyle change you want to make. (refer to slide 7)
2 Determine your readiness to make your chosen change by completing the Am I Ready for Change? form. (refer to slide 13)
3 Print and complete your own Cost-Benefit Chart to help determine your motivation to make your change. (refer to slide 15)
4 Write down the behaviors you will change to reach your desired outcome goal. These healthy lifestyle behaviors will be your weekly goals, or small steps you take toward reaching your long-term goal. (refer to slide 27)

(a)  Write your first week's goal(s) using the SMART model format in the first section of the Goal Tracking Form. (refer to slide 35)

(b)  If you need help breaking down your weekly behavior goal into achievable steps, review the Writing SMART Goals example. (refer to slide 35)


(a)  At the end of the week, complete the last three sections of your Goal Tracking Form to help you assess your success and challenges. (refer to slide 48)

(b) Use the Goal Tracking Form Example to help you complete your goals. Revise or make new goals for the following week based on your progress and your solutions to challenges you faced during the previous week. (refer to slide 48)

7 If you’re having problems or feel like you’re stuck, review the Skills for Success section in the program. Review all the important reasons you want to make this change and use them as motivation to keep you going. If you have a setback, don’t give up! Adjust your weekly goals to get back on track. Write down a list of challenges that get you off track, then create a backup plan. (refer to slide 56)
8 Reward yourself for accomplishing your goals. Behavior that is rewarded is more likely to be repeated. Write a list of rewards you will use for small successes and for meeting long-term goals. (refer to slide 58)
9 Complete the Assessing Your Readiness for Healthy Change program evaluation and print your Certificate of Completion. (refer to slide 60)

Be proud of your accomplishments and enjoy the new you!

Do More to Improve Your Health

If you would like individualized education and support, you may request to be in our Chronic Care/Disease Management program, which provides individual coaching for certain health conditions. If you are an eligible TRICARE beneficiary under age 65, receive one-to-one coaching from a Disease Management Specialist. Get started with our Disease Management Information and Self-Nomination form, or you can call 1-844-732-2436 from 8:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m. local time, Monday through Friday. 

We offer classes and online programs on a variety of topics. Visit the Learning Center to view a full list of available classes and programs. Find additional information and resources in Health Topics

As part of your health care, it is also important to have timely preventive screenings and immunizations to help protect your health, prevent disease and improve your quality of life. Check out Stay Healthy with Health Net Federal Services for more information.