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Teleclass Overview


Teleclasses are telephone-based, instructor led classes. These classes allow you to receive course information from a health professional without needing to leave your home. Access to a telephone and computer are required for attendance.

Note: Teleclasses are for TRICARE West Region beneficiaries only.

Heart Healthy Living
Do you know how to keep your heart healthy? In this class you will learn how the heart works and the different types of heart conditions, along with ways to reduce risk factors for heart disease and how to live a healthier lifestyle. Duration: 1 hour
Making Healthy Changes for Life
Have you struggled when trying to make a healthy lifestyle change? Take this class to learn the important steps needed to increase your success with any healthy change you want to make. Duration: 1.5 hours

Preparing to Quit Tobacco
This class focuses on the key challenges of smoking, helps you identify motivation, provides skills and strategies for quitting, and connects you to online tools and resources. Duration: 1 hour
Stress Management in Times of Uncertainty
This recorded class will help you better understand stress and learn new skills to reduce the impact it has on your life. Duration: 44 minutes
The Basics of Depression Management
Are you interested in learning how to manage your mood? This class focuses on the basics of depression, coping skills, self-management techniques, and how to get help. Duration: 1 hour
The Essentials of Diabetes Management
Take this class to learn the four cornerstones of diabetes self-management: monitoring, medication, nutrition, and physical activity. Duration: 1 hour
The Holidays and COVID-19: Coping with Stress
This recorded class will help you define your expectations for this holiday season, provide ideas for celebrating and offer tips to keep your stress under control. Duration: 50 minutes
What You Need to Know About Anxiety
Are you anxious or worried so often it interferes with your daily life? This class will teach you valuable coping skills and techniques to better manage your anxiety. Duration: 1.25 hours