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Tobacco Cessation Resources

TRICARE's Tobacco Cessation Resources



TRICARE's Tobacco Cessation page offers information about the dangers of tobacco use, smokeless tobacco, the YouCanQuit2 program, tobacco cessation services, and additional programs and resources.

Covered Tobacco Cessation Services

Need help to kick the tobacco habit? TRICARE beneficiaries living in the United States have prescription and over the counter coverage for tobacco cessation quitting aids and medication. Learn which tobacco cessation products are covered and how to get covered with TRICARE's Home Delivery program. Improve your chance for a successful quit with counseling services. 


U.S. Department of Defense Tobacco Cessation Resources

YouCanQuit2, a U.S. Department of Defense program, is an educational campaign for the U.S. military. The mission of the campaign is to help U.S. service members quit tobacco for themselves and the people they love. The program includes a 24/7 Live Chat with tobacco cessation coaches; a cost savings calculator and print and promotional material. Participants will learn about tobacco cessation, including: 

Get started with YouCanQuit2’s interactive quit plan.

Find additional tobacco cessation programs and resources at www.tricare.mil.


Health Net Federal Services, LLC Tobacco Cessation Resources

Cigarette Smashed on a Clock

Time To Quit is an online program designed to help you quit smoking. This program takes you step by step through completing a Tobacco-Free Quit Plan, which improves your chances for success. It includes tools, activities and resources to help you identify your reasons for smoking, deal with withdrawal symptoms, determine your method for quitting, and keep you motivated. You will also learn the benefits of quitting, how to deal with slips and how to stay tobacco-free.


Preparing to Quit Tobacco is a convenient way to learn how to successfully quit smoking or quit using other forms of tobacco. This one-hour, recorded class focuses on the key challenges of smoking, helps you identify motivation, provides skills and strategies for quitting, and connects you to online tools and resources.