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Stay Informed: Recognizing Calls from Health Net Federal Services

Thursday, August 10, 2023

Health Net Federal Services, LLC (HNFS) recently upgraded our phone system. We’ve since noticed an increase in hang ups when we make outbound calls to beneficiaries and providers. We offer the following information to help you better recognize calls from us.

Recorded Calls Announcement

When receiving a call from HNFS, the first thing you’ll hear is an announcement that the call is being recorded. Please do not hang up when you hear this message! Immediately after the message completes, you will be connected to the person from HNFS who is calling you.

Potential Spam Alert in Caller ID

Some phones’ caller IDs are listing calls from HNFS as “Spam Risk.” We recognize this may make you want to ignore a call, but please be assured our outreach is important (refer to “Why HNFS May Call You” for details). Note: Once you answer a call from us, future calls should not trigger a spam alert.

Why HNFS May Call You

There are several reasons why HNFS may call you, such as customer service follow-up, case or disease management care planning, and Autism Care Demonstration-related support.

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