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Non-Network Provider Directory

1. We are continuing to update our network and non-network directories. Check our directory often for updates.

2. HNFS will authorize services to a non-network provider if a network provider is not available. For TRICARE Prime plans, Point of Service charges will not apply.

3. We are aware of duplicate entries in the directory and are working to correct the issue.

When using the directory, you may:

  • Search for a provider by location (address, city, state, and/or ZIP code).
  • Search for a provider using either the provider's last and first name, or just the last name; for example, Smith, John (you must separate the last name from the first name with a comma); or Smith.
  • Search for institutions using the whole name or part of the name; for example, Johns Hopkins or Hopkins.

Viewing Search Results

After entering in your search criteria, click Search Now and your search results will be displayed. At any time after results are displayed, a new search can be performed by clicking on the Search Again button.

You may get more than one page of search results. At the top of the results list (directly above the provider listing) is a listing of all the results pages available. 

Using Driving Directions

The driving directions icon is displayed in the last column of a provider’s information on the search results screen. The point of origin (the point from where the directions start) is determined by the address information you enter. The more complete address information given, the more accurate the driving directions. 

  • Entry of city and state only will place the point of origin in the center of the city.
  • Entry of ZIP code only will place the point of origin in the center of the ZIP code.

By default, you are provided a large-scale map along with turn-by-turn directions. You have the option to select Display Turn-by-Turn Driving Maps. This will provide you with specific maps for each separate instruction.

Reporting Errors in Provider Information

Provider information in the Non-Network Provider Directory is listed as submitted by the provider and may be up to 16 months old. Any changes to the Non-Network Provider Directory must be made by the provider.

Providers can update information located in the Non-Network Provider Directory by completing a Non-Network Provider Information Update Request Form.

State Medical Boards

State Medical Boards—Verify state medical licensure of primary care managers and specialists.