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Non-Network Provider Directory

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Access a Doctor from Your Home!

TRICARE covers telemedicine so you can connect securely with a provider using a computer or smartphone. Ask your provider about telemedicine services offered.


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When using the directory, you may:

  • Search for a provider by location (address, city, state, and/or ZIP code).
  • Search for a provider using either the provider's last and first name, or just the last name; for example, Smith, John (you must separate the last name from the first name with a comma); or Smith.
  • Search for institutions using the whole name or part of the name; for example, Johns Hopkins or Hopkins.

Be sure to follow TRICARE referral and authorization guidelines when seeking care. Using the Non-Network Provider Directory does not authorize you for services.

To learn more about becoming a non-network provider and certification processing times, visit our Becoming a Non-Network Provider page.