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Beneficiary Web Enrollment

To access BWE tool, follow these steps:

  1. Sign into milConnect.
  2. Click on the “Benefits” tab at the top of the page.
  3. Select “Beneficiary Web Enrollment (BWE)” from the menu.

If you are located in a Prime Service Area and want to enroll to a civilian PCM, your request may be canceled if you are required to enroll to a military hospital or clinic PCM. In order to avoid unexpected Point of Service charges, be sure to confirm your PCM assignment at milConnect after requesting changes through BWE.      


What You Can Do with Beneficiary Web Enrollment (BWE)

*You may not enroll in TRICARE Prime with BWE if you do not live in a Prime Service Area. You must submit a TRICARE Prime Enrollment, Disenrollment and PCM Change Form or request enrollment by telephone. If you are eligible for TPR or TPRADFM, you may enroll using BWE even though you do not live in a Prime Service Area.

Ways to Access Beneficiary Web Enrollment (BWE)

Common Access Card

For information on how to obtain a Common Access Card (CAC) or reset a CAC PIN, contact your local RAPIDS site. You may also call the Defense Manpower Data Center Support Office toll-free at 1-800-477-8227 for assistance in locating a CAC issuing facility.

Department of Defense (DoD) Self-Service Logon

As a sponsor, you may obtain a DoD self-service logon for family members by using your CAC to log in to the DoD Self-Service Access Center.

Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) Account (myPay)

Defense Finance and Accounting Service accounts have taken the place of the myPAY PIN and Social Security number logon. If you have not created a DFAS account, need help logging in or have forgotten your password visit the myPay website. You may also call the customer support unit toll-free at 1-888-DFAS411 (1-888-332-7411).

For technical assistance while using BWE, call the Defense Manpower Data Center Support office toll-free at 1-800-477-8227.

Beneficiary Web Enrollment (BWE) Tips

  • New enrollments and PCM changes are effective the date the request is received unless a qualifying life event (QLE) is involved. Qualifying life events will be effective based on the date of eligibility in DEERS*. 
  • Newborn enrollments will be made effective on the newborn's date of birth as long as a request is received within 90 days* of birth.
  • Change in status enrollments, such as mid-month retirements, can be retroactive* if requested within 90 days of the QLE.
  • Check BWE routinely to view your enrollment status. 
  • Do not seek care until you receive notification from TRICARE to view your enrollment information on milConnect. If you must seek care before receiving confirmation of the change, log in to milConnect to verify your enrollment information such as your effective date or PCM information.
  • You are automatically waiving your drive time standards if you choose a PCM more than 30 minutes from your home. When you select a PCM through BWE, the site will not factor in drive time from your home to your PCM. Enrollment rules exist in certain areas that affect your selection. Changes to your selection may be made by the regional contractor.

*At this time, BWE does not allow retroactive enrollments as a result of a QLE change. You must submit an enrollment form or enroll by phone to have your enrollment backdated within 90 days of your QLE.