Choosing or Changing Your Primary Care Manager


Step 1. Use the Prime and PCM Selection Guide below to determine:

  • If it is mandatory or optional to have your PCM at a military hospital or clinic, or
  • If you are not in a TRICARE Prime Service Area (PSA) whether you can enroll by waiving your drive time standards.

Note: Only military hospitals or clinics accepting new enrollees will be displayed.

Step 2. Enroll or request a PCM change:

  • Online* (once signed in, click the ‘Benefits’ tab and select ‘Beneficiary Web Enrollment’)
  • Fax/Mail
  • Phone

*You must live in a PSA or qualify for TRICARE Prime Remote to use the online tool.

Within two weeks, you will receive an email or postcard to view the change at milConnect. If you make the change online or by fax/mail, confirm your assignment before seeing the new PCM.

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