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Beneficiary Web Enrollment

The Beneficiary Web Enrollment (BWE) tool on milConnect allows you to:

  • Enroll in a TRICARE plan.*
  • Update your personal contact information.
  • Change your primary care manager (PCM).
  • Disenroll from a TRICARE plan.
  • Transfer to a new region.
  • View enrollment information.
  • Print TRICARE Wallet Cards.




Sign in, click the “Benefits” tab at the top, and select “Beneficiary Web Enrollment (BWE).”

Important: If you choose a civilian PCM in BWE but are in an area that requires a military hospital or clinic PCM, your request may be canceled or changed.

* If enrolling in TRICARE Prime you can only use BWE if you live in a Prime Service Area (PSA) or qualify for TRICARE Prime Remote. If you live outside a PSA, you can enroll in TRICARE Prime by mail/fax or phone.