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Paying Enrollment Fees by Allotment

How to Set Up an Allotment

Based on when you submit your request, you may need to pay up to three months up front when establishing allotment payments. TRICARE beneficiaries who do not pay required enrollment fees are subject to disenrollment.

Confirming Allotment Set Up

We will send a confirmation email within four business days after receiving your allotment set up request. Use our Manage My Payment tool to see current payment status, including allotment details. Please allow up to two business days for our systems to update. 



Understanding Allotments

An allotment allows you to have your TRICARE Prime and/or Select enrollment fee automatically deducted from your retirement pay. 

  • Allotments can only be used for TRICARE Prime and Select enrollment fees.
  • You may establish monthly fee payments via allotment if you receive your retirement pay from the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) or U.S. Coast Guard Pay & Personnel Center. 
  • If you have some family members enrolled in TRICARE Prime and others in TRICARE Select, you must submit separate allotment payment requests for each plan type, even if the allotment is being pulled from the same retirement pay.