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Autism Care Demonstration: Discharge Planning

An important part of treatment planning is discharge planning – preparing for a successful transition out of the Autism Care Demonstration (ACD) once the beneficary has reached his or her treatment goals. The applied behavior analysis (ABA) provider develops the discharge plan as part of the initial and ongoing treatment planning process. When a beneficiary is ready to leave the ACD or be discharged from the provider's care, and/or the family wishes to explore treatment from a different ABA provider, the ABA provider submits the discharge plan to Health Net Federal Services, LLC (HNFS).  

  • ABA providers are directed to give a minimum of a 45-day notice to both HNFS and parents prior to discharge. 
  • Families with questions or concerns about the discharge process are encouraged to contact our ACD customer service team

Second Opinions on Discharge

If you have been notified of discharge from your ABA provider and would like a second opinion, you have that option. To get started, contact our ACD customer service team.  

  • Second opinions follow the same referral, access to care, treatment plan, outcome measure, and process requirements as an initial assessment. 
  • The second opinion can be completed by a different ABA provider but only one ABA provider may be authorized to provide treatment at a time.

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