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Getting Care While Traveling

TRICARE beneficiaries can access medical care while traveling on business, vacation or when moving. However, all routine care should be obtained prior to travel, as this type of care may not be covered while away. 

Review the types of care below for additional coverage information. Visit TRICARE's Getting Care While Traveling page to learn more. 

Emergency Care

For emergencies while traveling away from home, beneficiaries should go directly to the nearest hospital emergency room. TRICARE Prime beneficiaries (or a family member on their behalf) should notify their primary care manager (PCM) within 24 hours of receiving emergency care to arrange for follow-up care. Learn more on our emergency care page.

Urgent Care

For treatment of urgent care conditions that cannot wait until returning home, please review TRICARE's urgent care guidelines on our urgent care page.

All TRICARE beneficiaries in the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii can get health advice by contacting the Military Health System Nurse Advice Line, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Nurse Advice Line is staffed with registered nurses who provide professional medical advice to help TRICARE beneficiaries decide whether self-care is the best option, or they should see a health care provider. To access the Nurse Advice Line, visit MHSNurseAdviceLine.com or dial 1-800-TRICARE (1-800-874-2273) and choose option 1.

Visit www.tricare.mil for details.


Visit our Moving with TRICARE page to learn about the important steps to take to ensure a smooth transition to your new area.